Adam's Beanstalk

A daily adventure-bag of insights and old bones from an unknown poet in Manitoba's south. Caveat: Not everything is to be taken literally. Things are often shaded with poetic crayons; be the owl. Also, not all these bones are collected from different fields. Find themes that run througout each post and the journal as a whole; the most insignificant event may be part of an ear.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A, B, and C

Say "hello, hello" to new friends to the blogger world. You will find them on the sidebar. Cody is akin to a blogging St. Paul who at first persecuted blogs but then was out driving on a very muddy road and his car swerved and then a big yellow light shone through the windshield-and then he suddenly liked blogs and started one of his own. Olivia is the "keep it under a bushel" blogger who had been posting for some time - EXCEPT SHE DIDN'T TELL ANYBODY!!! Shame, shame. Do not do as she has done. She is my cousin.

In other cousin news, there was a time of great enlightenment when on Thursday of last week, Chelsea and I officially realized that we were second cousins. Of course, we had figured we were related for some time, but it was the vague feeling like the one you get after you have had milk that is just past the expiry date. It takes you a while to feel comfortable in asserting - "it's not sour!" - you know what I mean! So we did our whole big geneological trace back, which is not that hard when you're second cousins, and lo - the epiphany was revealed. This knowledge has already proved useful, for we can call upon cousin power to fight off the forces of evil Armin when he tries to take the little green hacky sack and use it for malevolent purposes.

So we had house church at Chelsea's in Rosenort on Thursday, which meant I could carpool with Jason, Paul, and Jared on Friday. There are merits to carpooling. But I shall progress down this path no further.

On Wednesday, I thought it might be fun to walk through Osborne Village after getting off the bus at confusion corner. It was. I felt like I might get mugged when I passed in front of the Motor Inn. This feeling leads to the feeling of fun. Trust me. So I got down to Movie Village where I rented Krzysztof Kieslowski's "The Decalogue" which has provided some entertaining viewing. Look it up and you'll learn all about them. Wonderful stark look at characters and morality; each short is based on one of the Ten Commandments. Czech them out. [This joke doesn't really work, because Kieslowski is Polish, and not Czech, but I try, I try!].

After I picked up the movie, I was waiting for another bus to the north of the village, within the gaze of red brick apartments and an old cathedral. was odd... there was an old man, also waiting for the bus. He was
a)shouting loudly
b)in a thick accent
c)to himself.

It was the most peculiar thing. Even funnier was that a group of women had formed a good ten feet away on the edge of the boulevard - huddling together, trying to hide from this man while trying to act casual in case a bus came.

Well, my bus did come.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My last few weeks other than the trip to Minnesota for a Discovering God Conference; ask me and I will tell you about that, too!

I am overlooking a lake and a field of snow. The drive up here was white, a pastiche of slush and manger scenes. But there is good news: the sun is shinining with all its extra syllables. I spent the afternoon out on the lake in a canoe. It was quite windy, but we (KE and I) took refuge in a calm bay. It is an EMC youth leader's retreat at the Wilderness Edge camp. Some lovely seminars in the morning make me feel alright about the youthwork that I have done to date. I have been a friend, and that is the basis for all else. We stayed up late last night: started a game of Settlers at 2:30 AM. Krystal asked Cody for some wheat and he gave her a card of wood and thought nothing of it. That's how late it was, but we were wired on some good coffee. Of course this came after the hour of trying to get the N64 working on the projector downstairs. We eventually played two rounds where we could hear and see for about three seconds at a time before the screen would go blue for another three, and on, and on. Then we moved upstairs and played on a bigscreen TV. This much was very good. Somebody saw a deer right outside their window this morning; that reminds me of the prevailing wind we had this last week. How could one man blow so long?
It blew me throughout the days of school,
of human fooseball in the Nav Office,
of an evening NOT spent in the art gallery, but buying machetes and caps, and drinking some good coffee. I have had too much again!
The silly drug has an adverse affect on me.
REmind me, good people, not to have too much tonight, but I will.
-I was wearing shorts all last week.