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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thomas Hardy and a Man Named Harold

So, maybe it's time for a little more substantial post...

Sorry for the long while, my friends. Yesterday, a small bottle of unmarked powder fell off of my shelf onto the floor during the night. This is how I feel for neglecting you.
(The shelf is far from my bed.
Things on the shelf fall off about once every three months.
Things on the shelf move on their own.
I found the unmarked bottle years ago, in a wooden box, in somebody else's barn.)

Honestly, you have not missed much about my life. At least nothing you couldn't piece together from other people's blogs. I saw a few concerts (JOC, the Hip, Blue Sky Addicts, etc.). I ate a few letters off a Toblerone bar, and will one day eat more. I have read many, many plays (my favorites: Titus Andronicus, The Country Wife, Tamburlaine, The Spanish Tragedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream (read it again!!!), The Way of the World). I memorized a poem. Let me share it with you:

A Night in November

I marked when the weather changed,
And the panes began to quake,
And the winds rose up and ranged,
That night, lying half-awake.

Dead leaves blew into my room,
And alighted upon my bed,
And a tree declared to the gloom
Its sorrow that they were shed.

One leaf of them touched my hand
And I thought that it was you
There stood as you used to stand,
And saying at last you knew!
                                                  - Thomas Hardy (1913?)

I don't think this is Hardy's best, but it does have a certain aura of mystery about it.

Recent Things:
It was a fun church service today. We played a galloping version of "Nothing but the blood of Jesus". Some of the youth ran on stage licking bowls of ice cream. A young man from the Lumber River Quartet had a low voice. It was all the talk. A man named Harold told a funny story about lawn mowers. Then we went downstairs for a fundraising dinner. Cody and I serenaded the audience and took personal requests. We played Feliz Navidad for the Lumber River Boys. Apparently, Canadians know Spanish better than Americans. I jest, I jest! Another highlight was Cody and Todd's duet from "High School Musical". Good stuff, boys. Todd has his arm in a sling. (Why I am I telling you this? Because it is a segway.) I had not played Monopoly with a man with only one functional arm until yesterday. 
TK was gracious enough to host a Monopoly party, where he properly trounced the rest of us. But's that's okay, because I beat him in at least one game of computer Jeopardy, and I think Alex Trebek is way cooler than Rich Uncle Pennybags.
Looking back, I realize that I posted about Monopoly two posts ago. I marvel at the incredible symmetry in my blog.


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hi adam.

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I love you Adam.


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